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Your father may have been faithfully with you since the delivery room until now. He may have provided finances but had no finesse in the spiritual or emotional support department.

Maybe he gives you the convenience store treatment. He pops in and out of your life faster than a truck driver at a 7-11 who’s late for a delivery.

Perhaps you call him by his first name and categorize him as a complete stranger. Or simply refer to him as “my sperm donor.”

But every girl who grows into womanhood needs the love and attention of a Dad. It’s symbolically shown even in many marriage ceremonies. The daughter is escorted by her Dad (a current covering – who commits to her from birth). Then she’s given as a gift to be cherished by her husband (future covering – who commits to her till death do us part).

Honestly, it doesn't matter how many reps you do on the bench press. Or how many times you say "I don't need a man."  God wired us to delight in being loved and chosen. We like depending on the security and extra fortitude a real man provides.

But what happens when your Dad doesn’t fulfill his responsibility to cover you? How does it affect your relationships?

Here are ways it can hinder you from a healthy, happy relationship.

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If you suffer from any of the above issues, please believe me, there's hope. But first realize there's no way to reverse time and undo conscious decisions your father made. They were his choice, not yours. You don't have to live behind the shadow of his irresponsibility or conditional attention. You can break a generational cycle by healing.

Get the necessary help you need (whether it's prayer, fasting, and professional counseling, detoxing your mind) so that you can enjoy a healthy and lasting relationship built on trust, balance, forgiveness, understanding, and love!

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