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GETTING FREEDOM FROM BOREDOM: 7 Ways to Turn Up a Dull Summer

Our two sets of big brown eyes immediately locked. We musically breathed in the air of excitement. Meeting Cadence humbled and hungered me.    

We were at a special luncheon with the Mayor of Nashville. But that day was all about pouring my heart out to tweens and teens. For several hours I was in the zone of encouraging. Laughing. Reaching. Empowering.

I was officially ALIVE. Beating boredom harder than a drummer equipped with his finest drumsticks on a worldwide tour. I didn’t want the adventure to stop.

If you’re like me summer blues can creep up in the form of body issues. Financial worries. Emotional eating. And your never-ending battle with the humidity.

But is it really possible to avoid the summer slump?

YES. You can break the monotony of a Motivation-less Monday. Start kicking dull-as-heck Fridays to the curb. Here’s 7 ways to turn up this summer.

1. Turn Up & Sail Out

Being around water is always therapeutic. Looking at something that is larger than you helps negativity to mentally float away. Catching the sunset while sailing simply captivates your soul.

Try booking a nearby boat cruise via Groupon or simply searching on Google.  

2. Turn Up the Music

Billy Joel once stated, “I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.”

During the summer, it’s pretty easy to find jazz, R&B, orchestral, country, and rock music festivals. So grab a ticket and throw on a cute n’ comfy outfit. Pack up your blanket, sun block, Off! Spray, and groove away from the same old routine. Songkick is a cool resource to find concerts coming near you!

3. Turn Up on Canvas

This past weekend I had a wonderful time celebrating my friend’s birthday at Sips n’ Strokes. I painted a picture called “LOVE” – which perfectly reflects my personality and my prayer for the world these days.

Attend a place which hosts instructional art sessions. It’s an incredible way to relax, stretch your imagination, and express your creativity!

(Extra turn up tip: Bring along your favorite snack or cheese, crackers, fruit, and wine to enhance your experience.)

FINAL sips pic for blog

4. Turn Up with Someone New & Somewhere New

You’ve passed that restaurant dozens of times, promising you’d try it one day. And remember that really nice woman you met a while ago? You clicked on the spot and ever since then you’ve thought about inviting her to hang out. So just do it!

Try a new restaurant with a new friend vs. your flock of familiar girls. (No dis to them.) But when you’re in a new environment and around new company, your confidence can be uninhibited. It’s easier to say hello to a guy. And fewer women = easier for guy to approach you.

5. Turn Up Different Playlists

Chillhop instrumental music has increasingly become one of my favorite genres of music. There’s amazing playlists already loaded right here on YouTube.

According to Markham Heid’s Your Brain on: Music, “Research shows the right tune can temper your feelings of anxiety, energize your limbs, and even bolster your immune system.”

(Extra turn up tip: Make a new playlist, but fill it with songs you haven’t heard yet. You open your heart to a musical adventure.

6. Turn Up Your Giving

At the beginning of this post I described volunteering for a local non-profit organization, Y-Cap. Recently after working out, I put an encouraging note along with $10 in an envelope. I left it anonymously under someone’s windshield wiper.

Why? I know that giving is living.

Generosity breaks the monotony of routine in YOUR day. So sign up to volunteer. Cook dinner for someone special. Buy desert for a co-worker. Giving always positions you to receive more blessings.

Brownie Point:

“To lose a stale state of life, you got to grab a hold of something fresh.”

7.  Turn Up Weeknights

In the U.S. we live for the weekends. Many times we trudge through the week as if we’re robots of ritual. Wake up. Work. (Workout.) Go home. Go sleep. And eat in between.

Rinse and repeat.

Shake up the spice by going out on a weeknight. Find events on MeetUp. Share a convo at Starbucks or on a dating app. Order take out and catch the sunset at a park.

Boredom impacts everyone from time to time. But don’t let it prevent you from discovering happiness. You only have one life to live! So start filling your summer with unforgettable memories before the season changes.

QUESTION: Are you complaining about being bored but keep putting off trying something new? How would your life be different if you stepped out of routine? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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