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BEYOND A MAN’S EXTERIOR: 8 Qualities Women Love about Men

Imagine if the world was void of Denzel’s walk. Brad Pitt’s coolness. Common’s freckles. Bruno Mars’ lyrics (that seem giftwrapped for you). Omari Hardwick’s smile. Mario Lopez’s dimples. Kayne Lawton’s abs. The list can go on and on.

These are just a few things as women we like to see. Yet beneath their physicality, there are incredible features men possess that we learn to love, at times laugh at…and yet they leave us smitten to the core.
Here’s eight ways to look at a man beyond his exterior:

1. He’s Ready to Defend

Sure we can stand up, speak out, shout, and explain our thoughts and actions as women. But when the waters get a real testy or when we have a run-in with someone who absolutely steps to us the wrong way, it’s nice having a man to defend our dignity. His adamancy about not letting anyone disrespect or degrade us is both intriguing and impressive. A man who doesn’t mind sticking out his next for his family, friends, and his beliefs is a blessing to see in action.

2. His Grip Gives Security

When I was afraid of the dark as a little girl, the sturdy grip of my dad’s hand helped to melt away my fears. Feeling Lorenzo’s manly squeeze around the small of my back while he escorted me through a crowded exhibit in Atlanta made feel safe. Just Reggie’s presence alone gave me assurance that he’d help me push out one last rep while at the gym.

It sometimes seems magical how the simple grip of a man’s hand or touch can make us feel desired, attended to, and secure. When his strength is present it’s like having a de-stresser…we can let a few inner guards down and release some anxiety.

3. He Travels Light

Plain and simp, men know how to take a trip and somehow fit everything in one suitcase. They know how to take the bare essentials. And if they need something extra or forget an item at home, they don’t go into a stress frenzy or contemplate turning the car around after 45 minutes of driving. Plus they know how to pack a car well. Which really makes a lot of sense, since they’re known for their innate ability to compartmentalize. We may not understand their way of traveling light, but we sure have to respect it.

4. He’s Confident in Spiritual Warfare

I have been in church since I was born. I love hearing men and women preach alike. Yet there’s something special about the ground-shaking, authority-taking manner a strong male preacher delivers a word to attacks darkness and hopelessness at its core. I’ve been comforted countless times when God delivered a word of truth through a man who doesn’t even have a clue about my personal struggles. Yet his spiritual swag strengthens my spirit to fight on and push forward. Hallelujah!

5. He Simplifies Decisions

Men typically don’t take an extraordinarily long amount of time to make a decision. I’ve ransacked my mind with a million things to consider and I’ll talk it over with a man. He then breathes clarity over the issue so quickly I don’t know whether to readily move forward or sit in pure awe of his ability to simplify. Men also have a “get up and let’s get it done” mindset about them. With that same energy, you literally see wishes become reality and dreams manifest.

6. He Uses the Restroom Solo

As women we like going to the restroom in groups or at least a friend. Perhaps we just have to continue the convo privately or to strike up a new one on the way. However men don’t make it a group outing. They can boldly say what’s on their mind without having to leave or hold a secret consortium. This is also reflective in life, men don’t mind initially launching out solo while taking a plunge in their careers, travel, shopping, eating, and even networking. Yes, they’ll get help along the way, but they don’t rely on a group to initially see or seize their greatness.

7. He Has Confidence in His Dreams

Men have a special way of proclaiming what they are about to embark on and how it will change world. They often speak with such fire, persuasiveness, and enthusiasm that makes us step bolder in our self-worth and destiny. A man can brag about his pinnacle even when he’s at the base of the mountain. He believes, speaks, and does without being trapped into guilt or other’s opinions. That’s a combination many of us can learn from the opposite sex.

8. His Friendships Don’t End Over Petty Things

As women, we can fall out over the smallest of things. But men really don’t throw a fit or over analyze the validity of a friendship when certain occurrences happen. For instance, it may be a friend didn’t invite him to a barbeque. Or didn’t respond to the last two text messages. Or didn’t wish him happy birthday (on the exact date). Oftentimes men understand that life happens in between plans and good intentions. And that nothing can be done with the past, but move on from it.

Always remember there are beautiful qualities to celebrate beyond a man’s outer appearance. Some of these help us to be stronger and more balanced women. Take time today to really notice the wonders men contribute to the world. If you look with your heart and not just your eyes, you’ll be amazed.

Which of these qualities have you seen in a man? What would you add to the list? Leave a comment below, I want to hear from you!

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