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10 Quick Steps for a Great 1st Date

How do you successfully prep for a first date? You can easily get frustrated with the decisions and impression you want to make. Failing to prep or being a “Last Minute Linda” often determines if you’ll be fierce or a flop...before even seeing him.

So here are my TOP 10 ways to prep for a great first date!

1.) Agree to Meet in Public. – First dates are still on the investigative tip. Let him cherish the chase. Avoid going over to his place or having him pick you up from yours. Enjoy a face-to-face exchange around other people. The presence of others serves as a guard, a layer of protection, and can also lend momentum on your date.

2.) Inform a Friend. - Your security should always be a priority. You may have met via an app/online, or while hanging out one night. He may live in another city. Since trust takes time, you should let a friend know when and where you’ll be. And just in case you need a bail out or he’s non-Google-able, consider having your friend secretly planted at the meet up spot. Either way she/he should have the guy’s name and number.

3.)  Research him. - Don’t show up without a clue. Similar to a job interview, you typically look up info on the company. The same applies here. Check out some of his interests, career moves, and social circles. You’ll have some convo starters that peak his intrigue and increase your appeal.

4.)  Check out current events. – A well-rounded woman can converse about the latest and greatest. Familiarize yourself with the latest news, some entertainment updates, and major sport events. Knowledge breaks boredom and decreases awkward silent moments.

5.)  Pray. – You may be nervous, anxious, and feel overwhelmed. Praying to God can give you peace and guidance to settle your mind from worry and past date failures.

6.)  Exercise. – Try to get 2-4 workouts in before the date. Burning calories boosts your confidence. Getting rapid air flow in and out of your body can release stress and anxiety. Plus you may fit into the dress just right after turning up at the gym before seeing him!

7.)  Be Wise on What You Wear. – What you do on the date may totally change your clothing plans. So be in the know. (i.e. a hockey game vs. 4-star restaurant, or horseback riding vs. the movies)

Start off with 3 clothing options. (Just in case your period or weather changes plans.) Select your final choice and have it ready on a hanger no later than the day before. This includes shoes, jewelry, perfume, and even makeup. You don’t want to waste time being super indecisive on the day of.

Even ask a good friend who will be truthful. Wear something that is cute, fits your body nicely, a color that compliments your skin tone, and overall makes you feel confident. Although it may be your first date, as Goo Goo Atkins puts it, “Don’t look like a thirst date.” To see more ADORABLE date fashion ideas from her click here.

8.)  Post Up Positivity. – Several days before the date, write self-worth affirmations on post-it notes and stick them up on your mirror, fridge, doors, desks etc.


Don’t wait for your date to validate. Celebrate yourself before you go on the date.

9.) Confirm the Date. – Don’t wait for him to confirm. Your time, effort, and energy is valuable. So take the initiative to make sure you’re still on to meet up. Believe

me, assuming can leave you up the creek spank. Or wishing you hadn’t been stood up. Also make sure your phone is charged and his number is locked in.

10.) Get Hot Shower & Rest. – Take deep breaths and visual yourself having a good time. Laughing. Smiling. Giving eye contact. Hot showers or baths help you to relax and get plenty of rest the night before. You want to make the best impression while being alert and present!

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